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Tom Devey
February 2015

Upon reaching out to Dave (through an Ad in Zillow no less) I got a phone call back within the hour. Since this was being sold as an investment property he recommended hiring a home inspector to help buyers with their decision. He quickly did the comps to verify what we thought we should sell the home for Quickly we came to a price based on Dave’s years of experience and his knowledge of the current market Because Dave knew the market and the timing he quickly advised us to get the home on the market before the end of October.

Because of the time pressure he and his wife helped out with preparing the home doing the small things that do help with prospective buyers. We had multiple bids that was above the asking price and wow.

The follow up with the sales on additional items he continued encouraging us through the final sales tasks that closed out the home in what I consider record time. I cannot say enough about Dave (and his wife) effort to help us sell a home. Thank you Dave!

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